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Environmental Devastation

The Northern lights are actually a visual result of Solar Flare radiation converting Carbon14 into Methane and C02 in the Thermosphere.
Solar radiation that reaches the Earth, actually releases C02, which was entrained in the oceans, back into the atmosphere. 

This C02 is normally scrubbed out of the atmosphere by Forests, but with the increased man made De-forestation worldwide, along with forest fires, is the main cause of our rising C02 levels…

Increased C02 levels trap Solar heat, which causes increased water vapor in the atmosphere, which traps even more Solar heat.

I find it interesting that our C02 levels started to really spike in the 1950’s

There was a period of development where mankind started expanding. The population grew from 2.5 Billion in 1950 to 7.5 Billion in 2019.

 One  side  effect  of  this  expansion  is  deforestation.  Since  then,  mankind  has  clear-cut  almost  60%  of  all  forests  on  Earth  to  make  room  for  a  growing  population.

For  years,  Governments  have  invested  Billions  of Dollars  into  C02  storage  technologies  that  have  failed  miserably!

To  mitigate  some  of  the  causes  of  Forest  Fires 

All we need to do is allow the lumber industry to harvest forest segments in such a way that provides a natural fire break, which will help keep the main forest ecosystem healthy and flourishing. Then, not only will we be maintaining our forests properly, we will also be practicing C02 storage by using  the refined products in building products, furniture, pulp and paper products etc… which can entrain C02 for hundreds of years!


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